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ECO Tan Engine

Available torque


Improving the energy efficiency of transport is a very important economic and environmental resource that human society possesses.


The generation of electricity “on board” of vehicles, as well as the efficient conversion of fuel energy into useful work, will allow vehicles with ECOTan generators to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere:


- up to 20% - compared to power generation by power plants;

- up to 40% - compared to hybrid vehicles;

- up to 70% - compared to modern internal combustion engines.

On-board generators ECOTan
The use of ECOTan on-board generators together with small batteries will significantly speed up and reduce the cost of introducing hybrids and electric vehicles


Our cities are expanding at an astonishing rate, energy consumption, car numbers and CO2 emissions are increasing rapidly.


Transport already accounts for more than a third of all carbon emissions.

Energy saving and electrification of transport have become extremely important for society today.


The innovative solutions offered by our team will reduce the negative impact of transport on the climate and improve the ecology of cities, reduce the consumption of fossil resources and save significant funds on the modernization of motor production.

The introduction of innovative solutions will significantly reduce the cost of building a network of charging stations, as well as electrification of transport, and will eliminate its dependence on weather anomalies.

Could a car (PHEV) be more energy efficient than an electric car (BEV)?


It's possible with the ECOTan on-board generator!

Onboard generator ECOTan_3.png

Onboard electric generators ECOTan

Our team has developed a conceptual design of ECOTan on-board electric generators for electric vehicles.

They will allow you to easily convert any passenger car or truck with an internal combustion engine into an electric car.

At the same time, electric vehicles with on-board generators will be distinguished by high mileage, quick refueling, and light batteries that will be charged from on-board generators, household outlets and charging stations.

Electric vehicles with on-board generators, compared to

conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines, will reduce the specific consumption of gasoline, diesel fuel, gas or hydrogen by up to 70%.


Comparison with battery electric vehicles

Original technical solutions and developed control algorithms for operating modes will be used in ECOTan onboard generators.

On-board generators will reduce the cost of electric vehicles, simplify the transmission and control of vehicles and will work in optimal modes exclusively for charging light batteries.


They will make it possible to operate electric vehicles in

regions with an undeveloped network of charging stations

and eliminate the costs of producing and disposing of heavy

energy-intensive batteries.


The lightweight batteries will provide a range of more than 80 km in electric mode alone and allow vehicles with on-board

alternators to be eco-friendly in urban environments and

economical when traveling long distances.

Comparison of CO2 emissions in the WLTP driving cycle


Eco-friendliness of ECOTan 

Losses in the transmission of electricity to consumers, depending on the distance, can reach 15%. In addition, the efficiency of the chargers does not exceed 95%. Onboard generators do not have these losses.


Highly efficient conversion of fuel energy into generation electricity "on board" will allow cars with generators ECOTan to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere:


- up to 20% - in comparison with harmful emissions during the generation of electricity (with its partial production by thermal power plants);

- up to 40% - compared to the harmful emissions of hybrid vehicles;

- up to 70% - compared to the harmful emissions of modern cars with traditional internal combustion engines.


Onboard ECOTan generators for electric vehicles

ECOTan onboard generators will be highly efficient as energy sources for cars, city electric buses, trucks, tractors, air and water transport.


The movement of E-REV electric vehicles with ECOTan on-board generators will be provided by electric motors powered by small batteries with a power reserve of up to 80 km, which will be automatically recharged from on-board generators.


At the same time, the electric motors will be used as generators to recharge the battery while recovering braking energy.


In urban environments with frequent acceleration and deceleration, the use of braking power and power from small batteries will allow the vehicle to have significant mileage with zero emissions and keep the city air clean.


Due to the fact that the piston engines of the patented design will constantly operate at maximum efficiency, electric vehicles with ECOTan on-board generators will have an increased power reserve, which will allow consumers to save money when making long trips.

Onboard ECOTan  generators for light aviation

ECOTan onboard generators will be especially effective for the fast-growing market of flying cars, light aircraft for various purposes, as well as cargo drones - powerful, environmentally friendly, with light batteries and rare refueling.

Cargo drones with significantly greater payload and range than existing ones could completely change the cargo industry.


They will significantly reduce the cost of delivery, avoid overloaded ground infrastructure and deliver goods from warehouses to unloading hubs, from where the goods will continue their way to the addressees using small flying courier drones.


They will also ensure that there is no contact between people when reloading cargo, which is a determining factor in the fight against the spread of infections.


ECOTan onboard generators will significantly increase the carrying capacity and flight range of cargo drones, as well as the energy characteristics of light aircraft and flying cars, provide vertical takeoff, high maneuverability and reduce the weight of the vehicles.


Artificial intelligence of on-board generators ECOTan  

To further optimize the operating modes of on-board generators with ECOTan engines in various operating conditions using artificial intelligence, our team investigates, analyzes and models their characteristics depending on the design parameters of the patented tangential power take-off device from an internal combustion engine.

The task of the intelligent system is to select the optimal values ​​of the monitored parameters based on the criterion of the minimum operating fuel consumption and the maximum duration and safety of movement, flight or work without refueling, as well as self-diagnostics, structural and functional integrity and elimination of the risk of its own failure.

The unique economic and energy potential of on-board generators with ECOTan engines will effectively optimize their operation modes using artificial intelligence and achieve additional fuel savings due to environmentally friendly and safe operation.


Potential of ECOTan on-board generators


ECOTan onboard generators will give electric transport:


  • large power reserve, light weight, fast charging, price reduction;

  • lack of energy-intensive and expensive batteries;

  • preservation of power characteristics;

  • ¡the possibility of fuel consumption and keeping the city air clean;

  • the possibility of using charging stations and the existing network of gas stations.


This will significantly accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

Potential of ECOTan on-board generators


ECOTan onboard generators will allow society:


  • reduce the cost of building charging stations and factories for the disposal of a huge number of batteries;

  • preserve the production of internal combustion engines and create efficient energy sources that meet current and future environmental standards;

  • reduce the consumption of earth's resources and improve the ecology of the planet.  


This will significantly reduce the cost of implementing electric vehicles.


Patented ECOTAN engines

ECOTan engines are updated and improved internal combustion engines that will meet both current

and future environmental standards

How much fuel

can the ECOTan engine save?

…and how much

power will

it lose?




without power loss


(when working on gasoline, diesel, gas and other types of fuel)


Who we are

We are a team of engineers in the field of improving the energy efficiency of internal combustion engines, as well as introducing new developments into production.


Our team consists of scientists, research engineers, designers and mechanics with extensive practical experience.


The renewal and improvement of internal combustion engines offered by our team is based on a technical solution protected by international patents.


Engines with a capacity of 2.0 to 10,000 kW can be upgraded and improved - for motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors, diesel locomotives, generators, water and air transport, running on gasoline, diesel, gas and other types of fuel.


Inexpensive renewal and improvement will allow manufacturers of internal combustion engines to maintain their positions in world markets for a long time.

What are we doing

We are engaged in research and optimization of energy, economic and design parameters of ECOTan engines of various power and purpose.


ECOTan is an improved internal combustion engine that, after modernization, will use a patented tangential power take-off.


The improved ECOTan internal combustion engines will be able to significantly reduce the cost of energy production, the consumption of Earth's resources and the negative impact on the environment, as well as meet the environmental expectations of society.


The full-scale activity of our company is based on the development of ECOTan engines, as well as on the provision of know-how, technologies and patent licenses to manufacturers of power units in the EU, USA  and other countries in exchange for license fees and royalties.


We invite partners and investors to jointly implement an innovative and environmental project.

Patented ICE improvement solution

The essence of the technical solution is to replace the traditional crank mechanism in internal combustion engines with a fundamentally new tangential power take-off device (hereinafter referred to as PTO).


The PTO transfers fuel energy to the engine output shaft much more efficiently in accordance with the basic laws of physics and mechanics. At the same time, the principle itself and all the operating conditions of the updated ECOTan engine will not differ in any way from a traditional internal combustion engine. The design of the PTO does not affect the theoretical foundations in any way and does not change the principles of operation of internal combustion engines.


 According to research, the use of PTO will allow the updated ECOTan engine to significantly increase energy efficiency and torque, reduce specific fuel consumption, harmful emissions, displacement, dimensions, weight and engine speed without losing power.


The functionality of the PTO is confirmed by a demonstration of a prototype made in accordance with patent documentation


The choice of the design parameters of the PTO on the basis of calculations, scientifically grounded methods developed by us and computer modeling will allow obtaining the necessary dynamic properties of the device, ensuring its strength and durability.


Significant improvement of ICE energy efficiency

The comparative assessment of the energy efficiency of the improved ECOTan internal combustion piston engines was carried out according to the value of the specific effective fuel consumption relative to the values ​​typical for the current level of development of engine building.

Engines of several types were taken as bases for comparison, the production of which, at present, is the most widespread.

These engines include gasoline, gas and diesel reciprocating internal combustion engines used for cars and trucks.

As studies and calculations show, the energy efficiency of ECOTan internal combustion engines equipped with a patented power take-off device (PTO) will be significantly higher than that of all existing analogues.


For the planet's climate, this will mean saving many millions of tons of fuel and reducing many millions of tons of CO2 emissions (as you know, burning 1 kg of gasoline produces 3.15 kg of CO2).

Improving the technical characteristics of the internal combustion engine

According to the research carried out, the updated and improved ECOTan engines will be able to achieve the following results without loss of power:

  • to reduce the operating fuel consumption and emissions of harmful substances 40%;

  • to reduce the working volume, overall dimensions and weight of the engine;

  • significantly increase the torque in a wide range of revolutions;

  • comply with the current environmental requirements when working on gasoline, diesel, gas and other types of fuel.​

Updating and improving the internal combustion engine will not require large costs for production preparation and will significantly reduce production costs.

Comparison of the 2ZR-FXE engine of the Toyota Prius Prime and ECOTan engines

in the WLTP driving cycle


Comparison of engines

ECOTan engines have clear advantages over the popular

2ZR-FXE engine of the Toyota Prius Prime:

  • more power with less volume;


  • higher torque and shorter acceleration times;


  • lower specific fuel consumption and emissions of harmful substances;

  • significantly greater power reserve.


The best weight and dimensions of ECOTan engines allow to increase the power of a light battery.


ECOTan engines as energy sourcesy

According to research, ECOTan engines in autonomous energy sources will significantly reduce environmental pollution, consumption of fossil resources and electricity costs, meet environmental requirements, and increase energy availability and quality of life.


Both when working with small generators and with powerful generators of locomotives or ships, ECOTan engines will have important advantages over traditional internal combustion engines - achieving maximum power and high torque at low speeds, lower fuel consumption, weight and dimensions, as well as correspondence of the rotation frequency to the frequency of the generated current.

This will significantly increase the service life, efficiency and duration of continuous operation of autonomous energy sources, the ability to stabilize the load, and also reduce operating costs.


Preservation and development of ICE production

Updating and improving the internal combustion engine does not require large expenditures for the preparation of production and can be organized by both existing and newly formed enterprises.

Up to 80% of parts and systems (including the fuel system and control system) of serial internal combustion engines produced at present can be used in the production of updated ECOTan engines.

The design of the updated ECOTan engines will also reduce costs, for example, when developing modifications, it will eliminate the need to force engines and use expensive materials that can withstand high loads.

Unlike engines with a crank mechanism, in which the expansion of the power range while maintaining the working volume occurs only by changing the parameters of the pressurization system or speed, in ECOTan engines this problem is solved by the possibility of applying the principle of modularity and unification.

The production of ECOTan engines will be the cheapest and most reliable option for the motor industry's transition to environmental requirements while maintaining the production of internal combustion engines and reducing production costs.

Ремни двигателя

Unification of production of ECOTan engines

The use of the patented PTO will allow changing the displacement of the updated ECOTan engines, by changing the size of only one part - the guide that determines the piston stroke - S.

In this case, design changes are minimal, and one of the dimensions of the engine will increase by exactly the amount of change in the piston stroke.

For example, according to studies and calculations, the possible power range of the updated ECOTan diesel engines will be 70 ... 235 hp. with a constant cylinder diameter of 80 mm and a variable piston stroke S = 60 ... 80 mm.

The updated ECOTan engine will eliminate an unnecessary variety of parts, their component parts and production processes, and will significantly simplify production.


Our production development services:

  • consulting services, design of updated ECOTan engines of various capacities and purposes;


  • production of prototypes, support of bench and operational tests;


  • provision of updated ECOTan engines with patent protection.


The methods developed by us make it possible to determine the strength and durability, as well as the energy, economic and design indicators of the updated ECOTan engines, which are necessary to assess their efficiency as part of the drive of machines for various purposes: mobile and stationary, operating on land, in the air and on water.


ECOTan engines patent protection

The design of ECOTan engines with a fundamentally new power take-off device is protected by international patents.

Patent USA  No.: US 10,589,624 B2 


European Union patent  EP3409921A4 


The design of the ECOTan engines is planned to be additionally protected by patents from other countries.

Team, research, calculations

Our team

Проверка двигателя


Scientific consultant, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor



Technical consultant, mechanical engineer, designer



Chief Project Engineer, Research Engineer, Designer



Economist, Head of International Service marketing



Mathematician, PhD in Physics Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor

Our partners

Our project is supported by innovation leaders and renowned technicians


Significance of the project for the environment

The vision of our project is to improve the internal combustion engine, turning it into an efficient and environmentally friendly power unit.


More than 1 billion piston internal combustion engines are used in the world, which, due to their low efficiency and excessive environmental pollution, have a huge negative impact on the planet's climate.


Today, mankind is faced with the task of either abandoning the use of internal combustion engines, or significantly increasing their efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.


ECOTan engines will significantly reduce environmental pollution, consumption of fossil resources and energy costs, meet environmental requirements, and increase energy availability and quality of life.


A new way to create torque

ECOTan engines do not have a crank mechanism.

The process of transferring the energy of the pistons to the engine output shaft takes place using a new, patented power take-off device (PTO).

The research, the complex of calculations and laboratory tests of the prototype PTO, confirmed its significant energy and economic advantages over the crank mechanism.

Research and calculation process

To date, studies and calculations of the working process of the ECOTan engine have been carried out, which make it possible to assess its environmental performance, as well as kinematic and dynamic calculations of the patented power take-off device and computer simulation using advanced programs.

Based on the research results, design documentation was developed and virtual tests of the ECOTan engine model were carried out.

Also, research was carried out on the tactical and technical characteristics of machines for various purposes, equipped with modernized ECOTan engines.

Powerful impetus to the electric vehicle market

Global sales of electric vehicles are up 39% in 2021.


According to forecasts, already in 2030, the volume of their sales could be half of all cars sold in the automotive market.

ECOTan engines will give a powerful impetus to the E-REV electric vehicle market:

  • cheaper electric vehicles, faster fueling, lighter weight and fuel consumption, higher mileage, compliance with current and future environmental requirements;

  • the use of charging stations and the existing developed network of gas stations;

  • reducing the consumption of earth's resources and the dependence of electric transport on weather anomalies, improving the ecology of the planet;

  • sale of electric vehicles in regions with an undeveloped network of charging stations.


Business model of the project

The full-scale activities of our company will include:

- design of ECOTan engines and generators at the request of customers;

- optimization of the operation of ECOTan engines and generators using artificial intelligence;

- development and production of prototypes for various purposes based on engines of well-known companies, demonstration of their clear advantages and sale of developments and patent licenses to manufacturers;

- own production of popular ECOTan power units.


Accordingly, the business model focuses on several revenue streams:

1. Income from the design of ECOTan engines and generators at the request of customers.

2. Income from the sale of developments to optimize the operation of ECOTan engines and generators using artificial intelligence.

3. License one-time fee. It is paid by the engine / vehicle manufacturer upon granting him the right to develop, manufacture and sell ECOTan power units. This amount will be negotiable depending on the size of the target manufacturer, license duration, location/region and other conditions.

4. Royalty: the equivalent of 5% of the recommended selling price of the ECOTan power unit (the recommended price will be determined during negotiations with the manufacturer). In order to reduce the perceived barrier of high investment cost for customers, our company may reduce the license fee and add royalties for the sale of ECOTan power units.

5. Income from own production of the most popular ECOTan power units.

To Potential Partners

We invite partners for joint implementation

our global environmental project


The project also has enormous economic and social potential that can be expressed not only in billions of dollars, but also in the health and livelihoods of future generations.


The strategy of our company is aimed at the development of an engineering center for design and patent protection in the EAEU countries, the EU and the USA of environmentally friendly ECOTan engines and on-board generators. We also plan to obtain patent protection in other countries.


We purpose different forms of mutually beneficial cooperation to investors and other partners. The particular ways to cooperate will be established by negotiations.



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